Attack of the Robot Authors!

The NaNoGenMo 2020 Roundup

GPT-3 (OpenAI) Projects

“A Young Person’s Encyclopedia of the Land of Clandestine and its Capital Apocrypha” by Douglas Summers Stay

“Sublime Text” by Jason Boog

“Animorphs: The Lost Chapters” by AJ Tran

Poetry Generators

“Pessoatron” by Mike Lynch

“Emergence and How One Might Live” by @shamanoor

Chatty Algorithms

“Mario’s Big Adventure” by Abraham Hmiel

“Simple Dialogues” by Anna Garbier and Lan Zhang

“Memory is the treasure of the mind.” by Lynn Cherny

Reanimated Corpora

“Banalified Moby-Dick” by Jeff Binder

“Ready Player N” by @katstasaph

“Data of Death” by Clare Hooper

INT_MAX Bottles of Beer

“The 165 Days of Christmas” by Kay Savetz

“Wandering Around America with Mark Twain” by Mark Eaton

“The Mathematician (π)” by Andrew Martin Ross

Collections of Small Generations

“Scripted” by Victor Angelo Blancada

“Whimsical Forest Field Guide” by Sam LaGrave

“Very Real Games” by @dawnithian

Screenshot of “Very Real Games”

Non-English Language Books

“nasin musi telo” by @equaa

Special Mentions

“VAUDn oc HORRRR” by Zach Whalen

Screenshot of “VAUDn oc HORRRR”

“Scam Likely” by Aleksandra Shtabnaya

“The Thing of Ingelhoven” by Vera Chellgren

“Taphos” by Nathan Mifsud

Screenshot of “Taphos”

“A History of Chessboard Universe 50” by Bonnie Brunish

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